6 May

The Brexit effect - copyright and design law

Speaker: Nicholas Saunders and Simon Clark.


11 mars

Thomas Jones (1742-1803) The creation of a reputation, with some thoughts about provenance and authenticity

This is not a talk about copyright.

It is about a group of works by a Welsh artist called Thomas Jones, created by him in Naples in the 1780s and brought back with him to England. Jones made no attempt to sell them, and these works were kept in the family after Jones died in 1803 and never saw the light of day until they were put in the hands of Christie's in the 1950s.

This talk is principally about those sales and their consequences.

Speaker: Tom Rivers is a vice-president of BLACA. He started his working life in publishing, and for a time ran a small company called Rivers Press. Later, he qualified as a solicitor and worked for the BBC in its Copyright Department. For the last quarter of a century he has worked as a copyright consultant.