10 May 2018

The Dutch Trilogy: An assessment of the European Court's case law in Filmspeler, GS Media and The Pirate Bay

Tim Kuik, Director, Stichting Brein
Gwilym Harbottle, Barrister, Hogarth Chambers


Brigitte Lindner, Rechtsanwältin (Berlin), Registered European Lawyer (BSB), Serle Court

Time: 6:15 for 6:30

Venue: Bristows, 100 Victoria Embankment, EC4Y 0DH


CONGRess montreal 2018

12-14 September 2018

copyright in action: international perspectives on remedies

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8 March 2018

Cultural Heritage Institutions and Immersive Technologies: Monetisation and Copyright

The zeitgeist of this century and the foreseeable future is not only to celebrate humanity’s cultural heritage but to also preserve and maintain it for future generations, whilst ensuring its current accessibility to the public. A majority of cultural heritage institutions, whether public or private, commercial or non-commercial, are committed to digitising their analogue-based collections in order to enable their traditional function of preservation of heritage, as well as to facilitate a new digital research environment. Current projects between such heritage institutions and the technology sector show how Virtual Reality (VR) and other immersive technologies can successfully serve the needs of this sector. This seminar explores the feasibility and consequences in relation to such collaborations, with particular emphasis on copyright. The seminar is part of a project being conducted by Queen Mary, Univ. of London and Goldsmiths, Univ. of London, in collaboration with several UK heritage institutions.

Uma Suthersanen, Professor of International Intellectual Property Law, Queen Mary, University of London & Editor, European Copyright and Design Reports


- Sol Rogers, founder & CEO, Rewind
- William Latham, founder of Computer Artworks, & Professor of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London
- Peter Wienand, Head of the IP & Commercial Team and the Museums & Galleries Group, Farrer & Co
- Sophie Goossens, Reed Smith (Lead, Entertainment and Media Industry in Paris; of counsel in London)
- Anthony Misquitta, General Counsel GC, V&A & Consultant Solicitor at Keystone Law
- Gaetano Dimita, Director of Intellectual Property Law/ Senior Lecturer, Queen Mary, University of London & Editor, Interactive Entertainment Law Review

Time: 6:15

Venue: Lecture Theatre, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary, University of London, 67-69 Lincoln’s Inn Fields London WC1A 3JB